Phantom Training Mask with GKD Filter



The Phantom Training Mask is a revolutionary, innovative training device that takes your fitness and overall performance in sports to the next level.

  • Train your respiratory muscles and increase your athletic performance.
  • Change resistance levels during training without removing the mask
  • Ergonomic sleeve provides comfortable grip and prevents slipping
  • Premium materials, such as medical silicone and resistant nylon
  • Customize your training mask with interchangeable covers and sleeves
  • Easy to dismantle and clean

The Phantom Training Mask is now equipped with a replaceable filter.

A high-tech filter made of 5-layer metal mesh for sports and leisure - made in Germany!

The Phantom GKD filter can be used in any original Phantom Training Mask instead of the PRS (resistance regulator). So you can choose if you want to use the filter or the resistance regulator for your training.

A unique filter material allows a filtering of Ø 88.9% of all particles up to a size of 2μm, such as pollen or liquid particles.

Due to the special arrangement of the multi-layer filtering, the breathing resistance is very low and breathing is hardly restricted. So you can use the Phantom Training Mask with Filter without any restrictions during sports. The filter can be washed after training and is thus reuseable for the next training.


    • High quality stainless steel filter
    • Temperature resistant 3-Print
    • Filters Ø 88,9% of all aerosols up to a size of 2 μm
    • Filters Ø 88,9% of all pollen up to a size of 2 μm
    • Reuseable, no exchange needed
    • Canbe washed with hot water after training
    • Simply replace the original PRS with the GKD filter
    • Compatible with all original Phantom Training Masks
    • Developed by GKD - Made in Germany

    • Includes: Phantom Training Mask incl. PRS + Filter

The breathing resistance of the GKD Filter equates to level 1-2 of your original PRS (Phantom Regulation System).

The Phantom Training Mask Filter is not a medical device and is intended for private use only. 

You can easily find the right size via your body weight in our size recommendation:

  • up to 70Kg: Small
  • 70 - 100kg: Medium
  • from 100kg: Large

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